Keysight DSO5054A InfiniiVision Oscilloscope

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The Keysight DSO5054A InfiniiVision Portable Oscilloscopes leverage the same third‑generation MegaZoom III technology blocks used in Keysight's higher performance bench and lab oscilloscopes – responsive deep memory, fast update rates with minimal "dead time," analog-like display systems, and integrated serial analysis – and deliver them in a compact package, at a price similar to oscilloscopes with older technology blocks. Keysight's 5000 series delivers our proprietary MegaZoom III technology in a small benchtop package. By combining fast sample rates with deep memory and impressive update rates, these scopes help you avoid the trade-offs associated with typical bench scopes. The Keysight DSO5054A InfiniiVision Portable Oscilloscope was previously manufactured as the Agilent DDSO5054A InfiniiVision Portable Oscilloscope.