Keysight Infiniium DSO9104A-100 Oscilloscope

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Keysight Infiniium DSO9104A-100 Oscilloscope
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Keysight DSO9104A-100
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DSO9104A-100 Datasheet
The Keysight Infiniium DSO9104A-100 Oscilloscope is a versatile digital storage oscilloscope operating at a bandwidth of 1 GHz and offering four scope channels. When utilizing all four channels, the analog sample rate is 10 GSa/s and the standard memory is measured at 100 Mpts, whereas with two channels in action, the Keysight Infiniium DSO9104A-100's sample rate is 20 GSa/s and its standard memory reads at 200 Mpts. The primary oscilloscope function provides high-performance scope channels and ensures superior viewing of signals under test. All models incorporate a powerful, feature-packed oscilloscope with responsive deep memory, and advanced triggering to aid in isolation and capture of conditions. The Keysight Infiniium DSO9104A-100 also acts as a logic analyzer with precise time-correlation between analog and digital signals, confidently triggering across any combination of analog and digital signals simultaneously. A blue tracking marker provides time-correlation between waveform and listing displays. The third function of the Keysight Infinium DSO9104A-100 is as a protocol analyzer, with protocol-level triggering rendering isolating events with pinpoint accuracy easy. Navigate the spacious 15" screen via a touchscreen interface.
Keysight DSO9104A-100 Features
  • 26 lbs (11.8 kg)
  • Height: 12.9” (33 cm); width: 16.8” (43 cm); depth: 9” (23 cm)
  • Capture more data with 20 Mpts per channel memory, upgradable to 1 Gpts
  • See more signal detail with 20 GSa/s sample rate and InfiniiScan advanced triggering
  • Expand your measurement capabilities with the widest range of compliance, protocol & analysis applications: serial protocol, FPGA dynamic probe, jitter analysis including EZJIT, MATLAB & more