Multi-Amp/Megger MV-800 DC High Voltage Test Set

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Multi-Amp/Megger MV-800 DC High Voltage Test Set
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Multi-Amp MV-800
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MV-800 Datasheet
The Multi-Amp MV-800 DC High Voltage Test Set is supplied in a sturdy light-weight case with carrying handles. The high-voltage cable is stored in a compartment provided within the case. The stabilized output voltage allows the recording of the leakage current with an external recorder. A built-in timer provides the means for predetermining the testing time from 0 to 30 minutes. An adjustable limit control of the output voltage allows the operator to set an upper limit on the output voltage which cannot be exceeded until reset. Also included is a built-in automatic discharge device. Six current measuring ranges allow for accurate leakage current metering. Connections for safety interlocks or external warning devices are incorporated. A temperature switch is installed to protect the instrument against overheating. Illuminated switches, pilot lamps and emergency shut-offs ensure safe operation of the test set.
Multi-Amp MV-800 Features
  • One-piece construction, including high-voltage section
  • Built-in automatic discharge device
  • Timer (0 to 30 minutes) with acoustic signal and selectable automatic shut-down
  • Six measuring ranges decade selectable
  • Smallest readable current 20 nA
  • Interlock for external safety devices
  • Stabilized output
  • Variable voltage limit setting