NetScout 1T-3000 OneTouch AT Network Assistant

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The NetScout 1T-3000 OneTouch AT Network Assistant is an all-in-one Gigabit Ethernet troubleshooter for copper, fiber optic and Wi-Fi networks. It provides a client view of network performance so you can resolve problems fast and complete deployment projects on time. With most problems requiring an hour or more to solve, end-user productivity suffers across the enterprise. The OneTouch AT greatly reduces troubleshooting time through a streamlined, three-step approach:
  1. The unique AutoTest replaces multiple tools and an hour of troubleshooting time – pass/fail analysis instantly identifies the most common problems from the end-user's perspective
  2. A powerful set of network performance measurements – accessible through a graphical, touch-screen interface – to troubleshoot wired and Wi-Fi networks
  3. Since 40 percent of problems span multiple organizations, it enhances team collaboration through a simple web-remote interface and easy-to-use inline packet capture capabilities