Newtons4th N4AX-03 Advanced AC+DC Power Source

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The Newtons4th N4AX-03 is a 3kVA programmable/stackable AC/DC power source. Newtons4th N4AX-03 power supplies are ideal for white goods, aerospace, consumer electronics, single and three phase applications. The N4AX-03 offers master-slave operation with the capacity to parallel up to 9 units [27kVA] in single and 3 phase configurations. N4AX-03 power sources also feature arbitrary waveform generation, including harmonic synthesis, and achieve IEC61000 compliance. The N4AX-03 provides 3kVA of output power from a 2U high 19in rack mountable chassis, a feat achieved through innovative cooling design and highly efficient switching technology. Typical efficiencies of 85% are achieved.