Ophir 5163 Linear Power RF Amplifier

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Ophir 5163 Linear Power RF Amplifier
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Ophir 5163
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5163 Datasheet
The Ophir 5163 Linear Power RF Amplifier is a lightweight solid state amplifier which operates at a frequency range of 800 MHz to 4.2 GHz. Ophir 5163 devices supply 50 W of output power, accept an AC input power of 600 W and generate CW, FM, AM, PM and pulse signals. Technicians can expect the P1dB output compression to read at 40 W and for this amplifier to operate with small signal gain measures of around 48 dB. Ophir 5163 models allow technicians to test over a broadband frequency range and utilize class A/AB linear power technology to produce a precise 3rd order intercept point. Input VSWR provides protection along with cooling and a grounding chassis. Ophir 5163 Linear Power RF Amplifiers are essential tools for technicians seeking reliable, efficient and powerful power supplies for their R&D, industrial and military applications. 
Ophir 5163 Features
  • Operates at frequency range of 0.8 – 4.2 GHz 
  • Power output of 1dB, comp. 40 W min 
  • Minimal signal gain of +48 dB min 
  • Small signal gain flatness + 2.0 dB max 
  • AC input: 600 W, 100 – 240 VAC, single phase 
  • RF Input: +10 dBm max, CW/AM/FM/PM/Pulse 
  • IP3 +56 dBm typical
  • Input VSWR 2:1 max 
  • Harmonics -20 dBc typical @ 40 W
  • Spurious signals > -60 dBc typical @ 40 W
  • Input/output impedance 50 Ohms nominal 
  • Saturated output power of 50 W
  • Input VSWR 2:1 max 
  • Harmonics -20 dBc typical @ 40 Watts
  • Class of Operation: A/AB
  • R: Rear Panel Connectors
  • RE: R model w/Control Option
  • RT: RE model w/Ethernet Interface
  • ​F: Front Panel Connectors
  • FE: F model w/Control Option
  • FT: FE model w/Ethernet Interface