Particle Measuring Systems Lasair II Portable Particle Counter

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Rent Particle Measuring Systems Lasair II Portable Particle Counter
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Particle Measuring Systems Lasair II
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Lasair II Datasheet
The Lasair II particle counter provides complete features in a compact, convenient particle counter. Its great portability, ease of use, and chemically-resistant easy-to-clean cover have made it the particle monitoring standard for pharmaceutical and high tech industries.

The Lasair II 350L and 550L models features a 50 liter/minute sampling rate to help meet the requirements of GMP Annex 1. The instrument samples one cubic meter in only 20 minutes and save 15 minutes per zone over 1.0 CFM instruments. The software guides the user through the certification process, verifies adequate sample numbers and volumes, collects the data, and then prints a full final report.
Particle Measuring Systems Lasair II Features
  • Real time measurement of defect causing particles
  • More accurate measurements with patented sample flow, eliminating errors from manifold sampling
  • Portable counter for localizing particle sources
  • Choose from nine languages for display and print out
  • Software guided EC GMP and ISO sampling
  • Generates ISO and EC GMP validated reports
  • Comprehensive validation manual available
  • Operates in cleanroom from office computer via web browser: Setup, sample, display, print, etc.
  • Continuous mobile use with instrument's removable battery, available with optional external charger
  • Quick, CSV data (21 CFR 11-compliant) download via USB port for periodic or real-time review
  • 50 LPM unit saves 15 min. sampling time/clean zone
Particle Measuring Systems Lasair II Applications
  • Cleanroom monitoring
  • Trend analysis
  • Manifold compatible
  • Portable or dedicated use