Phenix Technologies 440-20 Portable DC Hipot 40kVDC

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Rent Phenix Technologies 440-20 Portable DC Hipot 40kVDC
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Phenix Technologies 440-20
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440-20 Datasheet
The Phenix Technologies 440-20 Portable DC Hipot 40kVDC is lightweight, compact, and ruggedly built for use in the lab or field for accurate testing of electrical switchgear, cables, motors, generators, and protective equipment. It includes many advanced features including high accuracy digital meters, analog charging current meter, adjustable overcurrent, and increased output current ratings.
Phenix Technologies 440-20 Features
  • Output voltage continuously adjustable
  • "Zero Start" Interlock
  • Adjustable overcurrent trip point from 10%-110% of each current range
  • Large, easy to read, high accuracy digital meters
  • Analog 0-100% of range current meter for visual charge indication
  • Input Circuit Breaker/Power Switch
  • Thermal resettable overload
  • Built in discharge circuit
  • Integrated cable storage bin
  • Removable line cord
  • Line weight, portable and enclosed in rugged, polyethylene carrying case
Phenix Technologies 440-20 Specs
Input: Voltage/Current 110-120 V, 5 A
220-240 V, 3A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output: Voltage/Current 0-40 kV, 20 mA
Ripple <2%
Polarity negative output, positive ground