Phenix 470-5 DC Dielectric Test Set 0 - 70 kV

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The PHENIX 470-5 DC Dielectric Test Set 0 - 70 kV offers a line of conservatively designed and ruggedly built portable DC Hipots for use in testing electrical switchgear, cables, motors, generators, and protective equipment.The equipment used for DC testing is more portable, lighter, and often less expensive than comparable AC equipment. The DC Hipots provided by PHENIX 470-5 are ideal for lab or field use and are particularly useful when it is necessary to assess the effectiveness of recently installed insulation or to establish when corrective actions are required to restore equipment to a safe operating condition. The PHENIX 470-5 offers DC test data that can be used to estimate the lifespan of insulation. A consistent maintenance testing procedure can increase equipment life and decrease failures.