Tektronix MDO3000 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes

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Today's integrated designs need an oscilloscope that is just as integrated - such as the MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (MDO) Series. It is the ultimate 6-in-1 integrated oscilloscope that includes an integrated spectrum analyzer, arbitrary function generator, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, and digital voltmeter/counter. The MDO3000 is completely customizable and fully upgradeable. Add the instruments and performance you need now - or later.
Model Analog Bandwidth Analog Channels
MDO3012 100 MHz 2
MDO3014 100 MHz 4
MDO3022 200 MHz 2
MDO3024 200 MHz 4
MDO3032 350 MHz 2
MDO3034 350 MHz 4
MDO3052 500 MHz 2
MDO3102 1 GHz 2
MDO3054 500 MHz 4
MDO3104 1 GHz 4