Tektronix TDS5054 4 Channel 500 MHz 5GSa/s Oscilloscope

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The Tektronix TDS5054 has been replaced by the Tektronix TDS5054B.

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The Tektronix TDS5054 digital phosphor oscilloscope delivers up to 500 MHz Bandwidth, 5 GS/s real-time sample rate, 2 MB record length and 100,000 wfms/s maximum waveform capture rate. This performance, along with a suite of advanced triggers, intuitive user interface, and an open Windows platform, all in a compact bench-top package, provides exceptional value.

Digital phosphor oscilloscopes provide insight into signal behavior by displaying, storing and analyzing complex signals in real-time using three dimensions of signal information: amplitude, time and distribution of amplitude over time. The Tektronix TDS5054 500 MHz, 5GSa/s Oscilloscope delivers fast waveform capture rates, enabled by Tektronix proprietary DPX™ acquisition technology, saving minutes, hours or even days by quickly revealing the nature of faults so sophisticated trigger modes can be applied to isolate them.