Tektronix TDS5054 4 Channel 500 MHz 5GSa/s Oscilloscope

Tektronix TDS5054 500 MHz, 5 GSa/s Oscilloscope
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Tektronix TDS5054 500 MHz, 5 GSa/s Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS5054 500 MHz, 5 GSa/s Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS5054 500 MHz, 5 GSa/s Oscilloscope
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The Tektronix TDS5054 digital phosphor oscilloscope delivers up to 500 MHz Bandwidth, 5 GS/s real-time sample rate, 2 MB record length and 100,000 wfms/s maximum waveform capture rate. This performance, along with a suite of advanced triggers, intuitive user interface, and an open Windows platform, all in a compact bench-top package, provides exceptional value.

Digital phosphor oscilloscopes provide insight into signal behavior by displaying, storing and analyzing complex signals in real-time using three dimensions of signal information: amplitude, time and distribution of amplitude over time. The Tektronix TDS5054 500 MHz, 5GSa/s Oscilloscope delivers fast waveform capture rates, enabled by Tektronix proprietary DPX™ acquisition technology, saving minutes, hours or even days by quickly revealing the nature of faults so sophisticated trigger modes can be applied to isolate them.


  • Intuitive User Interface for Easy Operation
  • Small Footprint
  • 10.4 in. (264 mm) Bright Display
  • Suite of Advanced Triggers
  • Interoperability with Tektronix Logic Analyzers


TDS5054 Vertical System
Input Channels 4
Analog Bandwidth (-3 dB) 5 mV/div - 1 V/div 500 MHz
Calculated Rise Time 5 mV/div (typical) 800 ps
Hardware Bandwidth Limits 150 MHz or 20 MHz
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Input Impedance, 1 MΩ ±1%
Input Impedance, 50 MΩ ±1%
Input Sensitivity, 1 MΩ 1 mV/div to 10 V/div
Input Sensitivity, 50Ω 1 mV/div to 1 V/div
Vertical Resolution 8-bits (>11-bits w/ averaging)
Max Input Voltage, 1 MΩ ±150 V CAT I derate at 20 dB/decade to 9 VRMS above 200 kHz
Max Input Voltage, 50 Ω 5 VRMS with peaks <±30 V
DC Gain Accuracy 1.5% with offset set to 0 V
Offset Range, 1 MΩ 1 mV/div - 99.5 mV/div ±1 V
100 mV/div - 1 V/div ±10 V
1.01 V/div - 10 V/div ±100 V
Offset Range, 50 Ω 1 mV/div - 99.5 mV/div ±1 V
100 mV/div -1 V/div ±10 V
Channel-to-channel Isolation Any Two Channels at Equal Vertical Scale ≥100:1 at ≤100 MHz and ≥30:1 at >100 MHz up to the rated bandwidth
TDS5054 Timebase System
Timebase Range 200 ps/div to 40 s/div
Timebase Delay Time Range 16 ns to 250 s
Channel-to-channel Deskew Range ±75 ns
Delta Time Measurement Accuracy ±(0.30 sample interval) + (15 ppm * reading)
Trigger Jitter (RMS) 8 psRMS (typical)
Long Term Sample Rate and Delay Time Accuracy ±15 ppm over ≥1 ms interval
TDS5054 Acquisition System
Real-time Sample Rate 1.25 GS/s
Equivalent Time Sample Rate (max) 250 GS/s
Maximum Record Length per Channel with Standard Memory 100 k
With Opt. 1M 500 k
With Opt. 2M 2 M
TDS5054 Acquisition Modes
FastAcq Acquisition FastAcq optimizes the instrument for analysis of dynamic signals and capture of infrequent events
Maximum FastAcq Waveform Capture Rate 100,000 wfms/s
Sample Acquire sampled values
Peak Detect Captures narrow glitches at all real-time sampling rates
Minimum Peak Detect Pulse Width <1 ns
Averaging From 2 to 10,000 waveforms included in average
Envelope From 2 to 2 x 109 waveforms included in min-max envelope
Hi-Res Real-time boxcar averaging reduces random noise and increases resolution
FastFrame™ Acquisition Acquisition memory divided into segments; maximum trigger rate >225,000 waveforms per second
TDS5054 Trigger System
Sensitivity Internal DC Coupled: 0.35 div DC to 50 MHz increasing to 1 div at rated bandwidth
External (auxiliary input): 400 mV from DC to 50 MHz increasing to 750 mV at 100 MHz
Main Trigger Modes: Auto, Normal, and Single
Trigger Sequences: Main, Delayed by time, Delayed by events. All sequences can include separate horizontal delay after the trigger event to position the acquisition window in time
Trigger Level Range Internal: ±10 divisions from center of screen
External (auxiliary in): ±8 V
Line: Fixed at 0 V
Trigger Coupling: DC, AC (attenuate <60 Hz), HF reject (attenuate >30 kHz)
LF reject (attenuate <80 kHz) Noise reject (reduce sensitivity)
Trigger Holdoff Range: 250 ns minimum to 12 s maximum