Adaptive Power Systems APS1010 10 kVA Frequency/Voltage Converter

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The series consists of seven 1 phase output instruments ranging in size from 2 kVA to 40 kVA. The converters allow the user to duplicate a utility grid of either 50 or 60 hertz for export product testing or operation of imported equipment. The frequency can be adjusted to 400 hertz for applications such as the testing of military/avionics equipment or for the operation of 400 hertz electronics that are onboard an aircraft or a military vessel. The adjustable frequency band of 45 to 500 Hertz in conjunction with the dual voltage ranges of 0-150 volts or 0-300 volts provides full capabilities for testing and operating electronics worldwide.  Setup and operation of the APS 1000 Series is exceptionally easy.  The simple front panel layout allows users to continuously vary voltage and frequency or to select preset standard frequency settings. Individual meter dissplays provide digital readouts for frequency, voltage and current while a digital multimeter displays power or power factor.  The APS 1000 series converters are a simple and cost effective solution for all of your AC power conversion needs!