Agilent HLD MD15 Mobile Dry Helium Leak Detector

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The Agilent HLD MD15 Mobile Dry Helium Leak Detector is a helium mass spectrometer leak detector capable of performing sniffing, spray helium, high sensitivity, auto sequencer and more leak detection applications. Agilent HLD MD15 leak detectors utilize a mass spectrometer tuned to helium detection; helium is used as a tracer gas to locate and analyze small leaks in enclosed systems and devices. Application setups built into the system shorten test cycles and can be saved to guarantee repeatability.

The HLD MD15 includes an oil-free Agilent IDP-15 Dry Scroll Pump, with a pumping speed of 15m3/hour, for rapid evacuation of test parts and systems, and rapid clean-up of ambient helium between test cycles. The HLD MD15 features a durable and responsive touch screen interface that rotates 180° for optimal viewing. Users can take advantage of the HLD MD15's enhanced charting capabilities: inspection by zoom, color-coded set points, and time-based plots.