Pfeiffer Mass Spectrometer ASM-340I Helium Leak Detector

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Pfeiffer ASM 340I Helium Leak Detector has a rotary vane pump with 15m3/h backing pump capacity while operating at a 2.5 l/s helium pumping speed and 200/240 V voltage. Pfeiffer ASM 340I can detect large leaks between 100hPa and the inlet test pressure of 25 hPa. The ASM 340I utilizes vacuum and sniffing leak detection testing methods that has a minimum detectable leak rate at 5 · 10-10 Pa m3/s for sniffing leak detection and 5 · 10-13 Pa m3/s for vacuum leak detection. Not only does Pfeiffer the ASM 340I come with a customizable and detachable operator interface, it also has an integrated SD card for data processing allowing easy testing.