Pfeiffer ASM 340i Helium Leak Detector with Multistage Roots Dry Pump

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Rent Pfeiffer ASM 340i Helium Leak Detector with Multistage Roots Dry Pump
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Pfeiffer Vacuum ASM 340i
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ASM 340i Datasheet
ASM 340i with multi-stage roots dry pump. Rouging Capacity (Dry multi-stage Roots pump)= 27 m3/hr (15.9 cfm) peak pumping speed.
Pfeiffer Vacuum ASM 340i Features

ASM 340i:

  • Fast response time thanks to the largest primary pump (RVP) in its class
  • Ability to detect large leaks between 100hPa and the inlet test pressure
  • Easy operation, intuitive menu and large color touch screen
  • Various languages and operating voltages available for worldwide employment
  • Available with interface board for automation through an external system (PC or PLC)
  • Complete range of accessories for even more convenient leak detection

Multi-stage Roots Pump:

Small ACP-Roots pumps create, for example, the required fore-vacuum for turbopumps in particle accelerators. Large ACP 120 with their high pumping speed and low final pressure are used in freeze-drying applications. The A 100, A3P or A4 series dry pumps are used in large numbers as process pumps in the semiconductor and coating industry. Nevertheless, all of these areas have one thing in common: they require a clean and dry vacuum. The technology of the multi-stage Roots pumps is the perfect solution here. Lubricants and sealing material between the rotor and stator are not required by the frictionless working pumping module. Thus, hydrocarbon vapor backstreaming can be avoided. In the suction chamber of the pumps, no sealing materials are processed. This means the pumps are free of particles, extremely reliable and stable for a long period of time which results in low cost of ownership.
Pfeiffer Vacuum ASM 340i Specs

Test Methods-Vacuum and Sniffing:

  • Minimum Detectable Leak Rate (Vacuum Mode)- < 5 x 10e-12 mbar l/s
  • Minimum Detectable Leak Rate (Sniff Mode)- 5 x 10e-9 mbar l/s
  • Detectable Gases- He4, He3, H2
  • Roughing Capacity (Dry multi-stage roots pump)-27 m3/hr (15.9 cfm) peak pumping speed
  • Maximum Inlet Test Pressure -25 mbar
  • Test Port Pumping Speed for Helium -2.5 l/s
  • Flange In -KF25
  • Supply 110-130 / 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption Max -900 W
  • Operating Temperature -0 – 40 C
  • User Interface- Color Touch Screen
  • Selectable Languages -English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean