Varian VS MD15 Multi-function Leak Detector

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The VS MD15 Multi-Function Leak Detector combines advanced system intelligence with a simple two-button operation while having high test port pressure up to 13 mbar. This feature allows detection of large leaks, allowing technicians to determine the required maintenance. Featuring the new IDP-15 Scroll Pump, the VS MD-15 provides clean, dry, and quiet leak detection for both industrial and research applications. The VS MD15 ensures fast system response with an exceptional helium pumping speed of 1.8 l/s and 5 x 10-12 MDL sensitivity.

Available in both benchtop and portable models and developed with precision-engineered parts and components for superior vacuum performance, the VS MD-15 meets the most rigorous industry standards, including UL/CSA and CE. The MD15 operates dependably in the most challenging environments and performs essential functions up to 100 meters indoors.