Agilent HLD MD30 Mobile Dry Helium Leak Detector

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Agilent HLD MD30 Mobile Dry Helium Leak Detector
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Agilent HLD MD30
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HLD MD30 Datasheet Brochure
The Agilent HLD MD30 Mobile Dry Helium Leak Detector is a mobile leak identification device ideal for sniffing, spray helium, high sensitivity and auto sequencer testing, its TriScroll 620 Dry Scroll Pump capable of achieving a 30m³ / hour pumping speed. Agilent HLD MD30 leak detectors guide operators through their chosen type of test and display the results on an accessible touchscreen interface, available in 8 different languages. 

To shorten test cycles, application setups are built-in and can be saved to ensure the results are reproducible. Setup guides help engineers to configure the instrument and properly set parameters, after which engineers can take advantage of the Agilent HLD MD30's enhanced charting capabilities, including zoom for closer data inspection, color-coded setpoints and time-based plot records of leak rate and pressure.
Agilent HLD MD30 Features
  • 30m³/hour pumping speed
  • 8.4" touchscreen display
  • 6 application setup guides
    • Spray helium 
    • High sensitivity
    • Sniffing 
    • PPM sniffing
    • Auto sequencer 
    • Split flow
  • Wireless remote w/ 100m range
  • Standard nitrogen vent
  • Analog, RS232, discrete IO interface options
Agilent HLD MD30 Specs
Primary pump and pumping speed TriScroll 620 Dry Scroll Pump, 30m³/hour
Detectable mass 4
Pumping speed for helium 1.8 l/s
Sensitivity 5 x 10^(-12) mbar∙l/s
Display range 10^(-4) – 10^(-11)
Maximum Test Port Pressure 13 mbar, 10 Torr, 1330 Pa
Included Accessory Wireless remote
Eight languages Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish
Interface Options Analog, RS232 and discrete IO
Calibration routine Automated or manual (internal or external)
Background suppression Push button initiated auto zero, and auto zero
User interface 8.4" (213 mm) high-clarity color display, TFT touch screen
Agilent HLD MD30 Applications
Large Vacuum Systems
Examples Vacuum furnaces, coating systems
Suggested configurations MR15 or MR30
Application setup Spray helium with wireless remote option
Accessories Spray helium accessory, hand-held wireless remote, connection hardware (flex hose and valve)
Scientific Research
Examples Product development, R&D labs
Suggested configurations PD03 or MD15/30
Application setup High-sensitivity, but also sniffing or spray helium
Accessories Connection hardware, universal test fixture
Power Plants
Examples Power plants of all types, large heat exchangers
Suggested configurations MR15
Application setup Spray helium with wireless remote option
Accessories Harsh environment probe, hand-held wireless remote
Sealed Part Testing
Examples Automotive components, medical devices
Suggested configurations BR15/30 or BD15/30
Application setup Automated test cycles and/or high sensitivity
Accessories IO card, universal test fixture, external calibrated leaks
Helium Sniffing
Examples Valve testing (ISO 15848), oil and gas testing, or any pressurized system
Suggested configurations MR15
Application setup Sniffing or PPM sniffing
Accessories Agilent Power Probe sniffer (3, 7.6, 15, and 18 m lengths)