Agilent VS MR151 Helium Leak Detector

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The Agilent VS MR151 Helium Leak Detector is a bench mount helium mass spectrometer leak detector, comprised of a turbo molecular high vacuum pump, internal mechanical rough pump, internal scroll pump, external mechanical rough pump, spectrometer tube, valve block, leak detector electronics, and an operator interface (TFT-LCD display with a touch panel and two hard buttons: TEST and VENT).  The Agilent VS MR151 combines the simplicity of two-button operation with advanced expert system intelligence. 

The Agilent VS MR151 features fully automated start-up and calibration, maximizing productivity. Programmable test sequences improve testing efficiency and a color touch screen provides excellent clarity, even at wide angles. This helium leak detector is available in 100/115 VAC and 230 VAC configurations.  The Agilent VS MR151 is formerly known as the Varian VS MR151.