Inficon UL3000 Fab ULTRA Mobile Helium Leak Detector

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The Inficon UL3000 Fab ULTRA Mobile Helium Leak Detector offers an improved air pumping speed of 36 m3/h and a sniffer line measuring up to 10 meters. The device has efficient leak checking abilities, using I·ZERO 2.0 intelligent function for fast background suppression while maintaining high measurement sensitivity. The UL3000 Fab ULTRA model also uses the HYDRO·S software to check for leaks faster and in complex measurement ranges by eliminating the water vapor background. The portable makeup of the Inficon UL3000 Fab ULTRA allows for mobility in almost any environment, with the slim device placed on durable wheels and a handle that is designed ergonomically. The Ultra Sensor Technology features a 180° mass spectrometer with all components made of stainless steel providing sturdiness.