Inficon UL3000 Fab (PLUS) Helium Leak Detector (Dry)

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The Inficon UL3000 Fab (PLUS) Helium Leak Detector offers innovative technology in measurement and sensors as well as process management for vacuum processes. The Inficon UL3000 offers assistance in gas leak detections that are primarily used in cooling and air conditioning technology, semiconductor manufacturing, and automotive production. The Inficon UL3000 Fab (PLUS) Helium Leak Detectors operate at a minimum detectable leak rate for helium in < 5 x 10-12 mbar l/s, using their vacuum system. The Inficon UL3000 leak detector comes with the highest possible speed of > 30 at 50 Hz and optimal user-friendliness display. The Inficon UL3000 is equipped with intuitive user guidance with a touch display, and the UL3000 model's improved vacuum system with low maintenance vacuum pumps allows the detection of leaks starting from atmospheric pressure.