Agilent VS Series Wireless Hand-Held Remote Control

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The Agilent VS Series Wireless Hand-Held Remote Control utilizes modern wireless technology to simplify leak detection in hard-to-reach areas and allow for detection at much greater distances of up to 100 meters. Leaks in large systems often occur far from the leak detector, making the Agilent VS Series remote control an essential tool. Wired remote controls have sought to address this problem but impedance and the cumbersome nature of long cables are often limiting factors, so in many applications these traditional wired remotes offer little benefit.

Applications in large systems in which two technicians were previously required can now be performed by one technician, thereby reducing labor costs. All the major functions of the leak detector are now at your fingertips with the Agilent VS Series remote control, giving you a truly portable leak detection solution. In addition to the visual bar graph of the leak rate, the remote control has a speaker that provides a variable tone indicating the trend and relative size of the leak. The wireless remote can operate for a full 8-hour shift, or longer, on four AA batteries and conforms to ISM band, 2.4 GHz FHSS standards.