Amplifier Research 150W1000B CW Solid State Amplifier, 80MHz-1000 MHz, 150 Watts

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The Amplifier Research 150W1000B CW Solid State Amplifier is a broadband amplification device which produces 150 W of RF power for signal strength amplification and possesses an instantaneous frequency response of 80MHz-1000 MHz. In conjunction with a sweep generator, the Amplifier Research 150W1000B excels at boosting signals in applications calling for an instantaneous bandwidth, high linearity and high gain. A digital touch screen provides both local and remote operation of the amplifier, and technicians can adjust the output level of the device via the front panel's gain control interface. These models produce RF input for rated output at 1.0 mW max and are protected from input overdrive by an RF input leveling circuit, which limits RF input to the first stage whenever the RF input level exceeds 0 dBm. Amplifier Research 150W1000B CW amplifiers are housed in contemporary, stylish cabinets, which can be removed for rack mounting.