Amprobe DM-III MultiTest 1 Phase / 3 Phase Data Logger/Recorder

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Amprobe DM-III MultiTest 1 Phase / 3 Phase Data Logger/Recorder
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Amprobe DMIII MultiTest
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The Amprobe DM-III MultiTest works with single and three phase systems (Y and delta). It detects and records voltage anomalies, sags and surges. The instrument was designed to perform the following tests:

  • LowΩ: Continuity Test of Protection and Equalizing conductors with a test higher than 200mA and open circuit voltage ranging from 4V to 24V.
  • Insulation Test: Measurement of insulation resistance with DC test voltage 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V or 1000V.
  • : Indication of phase rotation sequence
  • Ground Test: Measurement of ground resistance and resistivity using earth rods.
Amprobe DMIII MultiTest Specs
Insulation Test Range 0.01- 1999 MΩ
Frequency Measurement 47.0 - 63.6 Hz
AC Voltage including sags and surges 0 - 600 Volts
AC Current 0 - 1000 Amps
Harmonics Up to 49th
Input Impedance 200 kΩ
Available Recording Time Several hours to several years
Optional Probe DM-CT-100 100 Amp Current Transducer