Amprobe DM-III MultiTest 1000A Power Quality Recorder

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The Amprobe DM-III MultiTest 1000A Power Quality Recorder works with single and three phase systems. The DM-III measures and records a broad spectrum of power quality parameters, AC current, AC voltage to 600V including sags and surges, harmonics, active, reactive and apparent power & energy, peak demand, power factor, and frequency measure. The Amprobe DM-III provides three measuring modes for ground resistance and resistivity functions.

The megohmmeter function of the Amprobe DM-III offers selectable test voltages up to 1000V and the power quality analyzer/ data logger is True RMS. This leading power quality recorder records up to 64 parameters (single or three phase) simultaneously. The DM-III comes as a complete kit: current transducers, voltage leads, ground probes & leads, PC software and download cable are included with this product.