Astro-Med Dash-18 Field Chart Recorder, 18 Channels

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Astro-Med Dash 18
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The Astro-Med Dash 18 field chart recorder is a compact, 18-channel data acquisition recorder ("chart recorder") ideal for medical research applications. The observed waveform data is captured and shown in real-time on a 15.4" color display and stored in memory on an 18 GB hard-drive and optional array recorder.

The Dash 18 is extremely versatile with the capability to capture video and audio data internally. Universal inputs let you connect nearly any signal without using external signal conditioning. The Dash 18 can record a wide range of voltages, temperature, DC Bridge and frequency inputs- all independently set up and enhanced with customizable control buttons.

Astro-Med Dash 18 Specs
Color Display
Type Active matrix color LCD (TFT) with 15.4" viewing area
Resolution 1280 x 1024
Touchscreen Full-screen, resistive
Functions User interface with touch-based icons and menus; Real-time waveform monitoring; Review previous waveform records while recording; Overlay numeric values in Engineering Units
Real-time Signal Processing
Filters Low Pass Stops: 10 Hz to 10,000 Hz; High Pass Starts: 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz; Notch: 50 or 60 Hz center
RMS Time constant selectable from 0.02 to 2 seconds
Frequency to Voltage 5 Hz to 20 kHz, ±0.05% of measurement +0.1 Hz
Cross-Channel Sum, Difference, Ratio, Product (Power)
Real-time Signal Testing
Basic All active signals monitored simultaneously
Test Types Tests include window, slope/level, slew and event pattern
Outputs Result available for alarms, trigger, abort and external TTL
Data Capture
Recording Method Internal 18 GB hard drive
Maximum Rate 100,000 samples/second per channel (all channels)
Minimum Rate 1 sample/minute
Dual Rate Second slower rate available when main rate is 50 kHz or less
Total Capacity Over 4 billion samples
Maximum Record 2 billion samples
Header Information on units, range, sample rates, etc. saved with data
Events All standard event inputs captured with waveforms
Trigger Point Lock Amounts of pre- and post-trigger is user adjustable
Auto Re-arm Allows automatic stacking of captures
Auto Playback Yes
External Sample Rate TTL sample clock up to 40,000 Hz
Signal Conditioner Specifications (General)
Channels per Module 6
Isolation 250 Vrms (iso-common to chassis and other iso-commons)
Bandwidth 12 kHz (-3 dB)
Input Coupling DC
Zero Suppression Yes
User Engineering Units Yes
Calibration Semi-automated to external reference
Single-ended Voltage Input
Connector Guarded banana jack
Maximum Rated Input ±250 Vrms
Maximum Transient Input ±400 volts
Specified Ranges 40 to 400 VFS; 4 to 40 VFS; 0.4 to 4 VFS
Accuracy (25° C) ±0.5% of full scale
Minimum Input Impedance 1 Meg ohms
Differential Voltage Measurements (use for bridge measurements)
Input Type Isolated, differential
Connector Screw terminal header
Absolute Maximum Input ±40 volts differential
Measuring Ranges 200 to 1600 mVFS; 50 to 500 mVFS; 5 to 50 mVFS4 to 4 VFS
Minimum Input Impedance 200k ohms
CMR at 60 Hz >60 dB
Auto Balance Yes, limited to maximum span
Thermocouple Measurements
Input Type Isolated, differential with screw terminal header connector
Absolute Maximum Input ±40 volts
Specified Range Type J: 0 to 760° C/Type K: 0 to 1370° C/Type T: -160 to 400° C/Type E: -100 to 1000° C/Type N: 0 to 1300° C
Accuracy (25° C) 0.5% of measurement +2° C
Bandwidth 10 Hz (-3 dB)
Intrinsic Noise 0.5° C (1 Hz filter)
Linearization NIST polynomial
Units °C or °F
Frequency Measurements
Method Zero-crossing, channels 1, 7 and 13 only
Signal Amplitude Peak-to-peak minimum is 20% of attenuator
Hysteresis Yes
Input Voltage Range 102 to 264 VAC
Frequency Range 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Power Consumption 300 watts maximum
Safety EN 61010-1 EMC FCC Class A, EN 61326
Power Harmonics IEC1000-3-2