Tektronix P5210 High Voltage Differential Probe

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The Tektronix P5210 High Voltage Differential Probe offers a safe means for measuring circuits with floating high voltages. Tektronix P5210 probes output a low-voltage, ground-referenced signal for display on instruments with the signature TEKPROBE interface (or any oscilloscope or other measurement instrument when used with the Tektronix 1103 TekProbe power supply). The P5210 performs clear and accurate measurements of high-speed transitions and offers excellent rejection of common-mode signals. Both inputs feature high impedance and low capacitance. Due to these features, the probe safely and accurately measures the fast voltage transients in switching power devices without risk of damage. Applications for the Tektronix P5210 include testing high-voltage motor control circuits and line-connected circuits in switch-mode power supplies.