Astro-Med Dash 8HF-HS Portable Data Recorder

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Astro-Med Dash 8HF-HS Portable Data Recorder
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Astro-Med Dash 8HF-HS
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The Dash 8HF-HS is a powerful, compact and portable data acquisition recorder engineered specifically for capturing high frequency data and transient signals. It provides isolated inputs with sample rates up to 2 MHz and a bandwidth of 200 KHz per channel. The Dash 8HF-HS is the ideal system to give you an accurate record of your high speed data.
Astro-Med Dash 8HF-HS Features
  • 8 channels of isolated inputs
  • Capture continuously to 250 GB hard drive at 2 MHz sample rate per channel
  • 200 kHz bandwidth per channel
  • Removable, lockable system and data capture drives (compatible with AstroDock accessory)
  • GBit Ethernet, USB 2.0 for exporting data to your PC
  • Link ports for synchronizing data capture between systems
  • Pre and post capture filtering
  • Compact, portable design