Astro-Med Dash 8XE Data Acquisition Chart Recorder, 8 Channels

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Rent, lease, rent to own Astro-Med Dash 8XE Data Acquisition Chart Recorder, 8 Channels
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Astro-Med Dash 8Xe
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The Astro-Med Dash 8Xe is a data acquisition and chart recording device. Its compact, rugged design makes it ideally suited for use in metal mills, paper mills, and other harsh environments. The Dash 8Xe has 8 channels of modular inputs and four additional channels of scope recording. A dedicated 36 GB hard drive for data capture and integral Ethernet interface make it easier than ever to capture data and upload it to your PC for data analysis.
Astro-Med Dash 8Xe Features
  • 8 channels of modular inputs for any type of signal
  • Record direct to hard drive at 200 kHz sample rate per channel
  • Optional 4-channel, 10 MHz scope card for a total of 12 channels of acquisition
  • 15-inch touch screen for data viewing, review and analysis
Astro-Med Dash 8Xe Applications
  • R & D testing
  • Drive system troubleshooting
  • Power system monitoring & analysis
  • Relay and control signal timing
  • Environmental testing
  • Rod drop testing
  • Process sequencing & timing
  • Rail car maintenance
  • Vehicle testing