B&K Precision 9833 Programmable AC Power Source

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The B&K Precision 9833 Programmable AC Power Source wields a maximum of 300V of voltage, 30A of current and 3000VA of power. B&K 9833 models undergo pre-compliance testing to satisfy IEC61000-3-2 and IEC61000-4-11/14/28/34 standards, preparing them to evaluate transformers, TRIACs, SCRs, and passive components. This also readies the units for manufacturing and single-phase avionics testing. Versatile in application, the B&K 9832 excels in accessibility and ease of use as well. Numeric keys and a rotary knob provide a convenient interface for setting output parameters quickly and precisely. All measurements and setting values are concurrently displayed on the screen, including a graphical display of the output waveform, and up to 100 instrument settings can be saved and recalled to and from the internal storage memory. Operators can save screenshots, and save or recall settings, to the USB host interface.

The B&K Precision 9382 also offers a built-in web server that allows users to configure, control, or monitor the basic settings of the power source from a remote computer using a web browser. Select from built-in waveforms or generate user-defined waveforms with the included PC software or by connecting an arbitrary waveform generator to the instrument’s analog input. Custom waveforms can even be applied to the analog BNC input. The custom waveform can be created using WaveXpressTM, a comprehensive stand-alone B&K Precision application, which allows users to easily generate, edit, and upload custom waveforms to an arbitrary waveform generator, which then drives the AC power source output.

The B&K Precision 9833 Programmable AC Power Source is the second model in the B&K Precision 9830 Programmable AC Power Source Series.