California Instruments 1001P AC Power Source 270 Volt, 1000 VA

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California Instruments 1001P AC Power Source | 270 Volt, 1000 VA
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California Instruments 1001P
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The California Instruments 1001P is portable, lightweight, and flexible to meet the high demands of frequency conversion. The P and RP Series are frequency changers that are be used all over the world in many applications to select any combination of standard line voltage and frequency.

The California Instruments 1001P is ideally suited to test products for use in countries throughout the world as a source of known, stable AC power. Domestic US and European outlets are provided on the front panels of the P and RP Series to facilitate a simple connection of the load, making it some of the most versatile test equipment.
California Instruments 1001P Specs
AC Power: 1000 VA
Voltage: Low: 0 to 135 V (L-N)
High: 0 to 270 V (L-N)
Accuracy: @ 50/60 Hz: ± 1% FS
@ 400 Hz: ±2% FS
Line & Load Regulation Resolution: Lo Range: ±1% FS
Hi Range: ±0.5% FS
Frequency Range: 16 - 500 Hz
Frequency Resolution: Below 100 Hz: 0.1 Hz
Above 100 Hz: 1 Hz
Current - Steady State: Lo Range: 7.4 Arms
Hi Range: 3.7 Arms
Current - Peak: Lo Range: 22.2 A
Hi Range: 11.1 A
Current Limit: Programmable
Current Limit Resolution: 0.1 Arms
Line Voltage: 100 to 240 ±10% Vrms, 47 - 63 Hz