CA Instruments 3000CS AC Current Source

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CA Instruments 3000CS AC Current Source
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California Instruments 3000CS
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The 3000CS is an advanced AC current source that addresses increasing demands on manufacturers to test products using real-world current profiles. By combining true current transconductance amplifiers with an advanced digital controller and harmonic power analyzer, the CS Series current sources are capable of performing tests that traditionally have been difficult to accomplish.

The CS Series is completely microprocessorcontrolled and can be operated from a simple front panel keypad. An analog knob located next to the backlit alphanumeric LCD display allows output current or frequency to be slewed up or down dynamically.

With precise current programming and regulation, high output current, multi-phase mode and built-in power analyzer measurement capabilities, the CS Series AC current sources address many AC current test applications. Additional features, like arbitrary waveform generation and transient generation make the CS Series the ideal source for demanding production test requirements. All CS Series AC Sources are equipped with IEEE-488 (GPIB), USB and RS232C remote control interfaces and support SCPI command language programming. An Ethernet interface is optional (-LAN Option).

California Instruments 3000CS Features
  • Precision Current Source
  • Single and Three Phase Modes
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Built-In Power Analyzer
  • Standard IEEE-448, USB and RS232C
  • GUI Software Suite
  • Programmable Transients
California Instruments 3000CS Specs
Maximum Available Current Single Phase = 44.44 A, Three Phase = 14.81 A.
Programming Resolution 0.01 A
Programming Accuracy Three Phase Mode: ± (0.1% + 0.05 A) from .5A to full scale. Single Phase Mode: ± (0.1% + 0.15 A) from .5A
Distortion THD (full scale current, resistive load conditions) < 1.2% [60-500 Hz], < 2% [500-1000 Hz], < 2.5% [1000-2000 Hz]
Load Regulation 0.1% full scale
Line Regulation 0.02% for 10% input line change
Output Noise (20 kHz to 1 MHz, full current output): Three Phase Mode: < 13 mARMS, Single Phase Mode: < 40 mARMS
Temperature Coefficient ± 0.01% of range / °
Stability ± 0.01 A over 24 hours
DC Offset Current 0.0 A
Output Coupling Transformer coupled
Output Impedance < 100KOhm
Voltage Limit Programming 0 to 270 Vrms @ 7.41 A, 0 to 67.5 Vrms @ 14.81 A.
Frequency Range: 45 Hz - 2000 Hz. Resolution: 0.01 Hz [<81.91 Hz], 0.1 Hz [> 82.0 to 819.1 Hz], 1 Hz [> 819 Hz]. Accuracy: ± 0.025%. Temperature Coefficient: ± 5 ppm of value / °C. Stability: ± 15ppm of value/year
Phase Phase B/C relative to phase A 0.0 to 360.0°. Resolution: (0.1° < 819.1 Hz), (0.5° > 819.1 Hz). Accuracy: < 1° [45 Hz-1000 Hz], <1° + 1°/kHz [>1000 Hz]