Chroma 61612 Programmable AC/DC Power Source

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The Chroma 61612 Programmable AC/DC Power enables the simulation of varied AC line input conditions and the measurement of crucial properties for test items. The Chroma 61612 series is ideal for bench-top R/D design verification, quality assurance, and mass production test applications in the commercial, power electronics, avionics, military, and regulatory sectors. The Chroma 61612 is a user-friendly and adaptable tool that is perfect for mimicking a range of line conditions and measurements for lab testing. The Chroma 61612 AC+DC modes expand the applications by supplying not only DC but also pure AC voltage components for laboratory testing of DC offset sources. The Chroma 61612 AC sources can produce either a single-phase or three-phase output. The front panel or a remote control makes it simple for technicians to choose different output options. AC model numbers of sources can output their full power without derating, even if the output is set to be single-phase within the Chroma 61612.