Chroma 63200A High Power DC Electronic Loads

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The Chroma 63200A DC High Power Electronic Loads have built-in digital signal microprocessors (200 MHz) to provide optimal speed and control performance. The ultra-high density power (6kW @ 4U) saves room and features super high voltage of 0.015% + 0.015% F.S. and current of 0.04% + 0.04% F.S. measurement accuracy. The Chroma 63200A DC High Power Electronic Loads ensure the dependability of test results, suitable for a wide range of testing applications, including AC/DC server power supplies, DC/DC converters, EV batteries, automotive charging stations, and more. 

The 63200A DC Electronic Loads Series is complete with 150 V, 600 V, and 1200 V voltage ranges and 3kW to 24 kW power ranges. The current of a single unit is 2000 A maximum and up to 240 kW when paralleled. The Chroma 63200A series can be operated by hand or controlled remotely. To comply with higher power demands, the operator can utilize master/slave control to parallel multiple units. The 63200A Electronic Loads highlights synchronous loading capabilities to simulate actual loading status, providing short circuit simulation to effectively satisfy the demand for power and automated testing. The 63200A Series emphasizes its user-friendly design, equipped with a vacuum florescent display, a remote control option, and a rotary knob for simple operation.