Chroma C8000 SMPS Auto Test System

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The Chroma C8000 SMPS Auto Test System gives technicians the power to conduct a wide range of power electronic tests with a single device. The wide range of hardware choices the Chroma C8000 offers include operating as an oscillate scope, a short / OVP tester, a DMM, an AC/DC source and an electronic load, depending on testing needs and model preference. Each model's built-in Power Pro III features impressive report, statistic and management functions, and your Chroma C8000 device is capable of generating a variety of test documents and system admin. due to this system. A test executive produces pre-written test items which cover nearly all industry standard power supply tests. Unique test command optimization technology prevents repetitive control commands from being duplicated on system hardware devices, and new tests items are created through a special test item editing function, allowing the user unlimited expansion of their test library.