Dewesoft Sirius R8/R8DB Data Acquisition System (DAQ)

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The Dewesoft Sirius R8/R8DB Data Acquisition System (DAQ) is a powerful data logger that offers a high channel count with incredible reliability and accuracy. The Sirius R8/R8DB DAQ is a versatile device that combines the high channel count with an impressive data processing computer and data logging that's improved with SSD capabilities. Like other models in the series, the R8 uses Sirius DAQ technology to guarantee precise measurements.

The Dewesoft Sirius R8/R8DB Data Acquisition System stands out with up to 128 analog inputs and 64 counter/encoder inputs through a possible 8 DAQ slices. An EtherCAT master port also removes complications from synchronizing these connections reduces the set-up time. Using the Sirius R8 DAQ becomes easier through the device's powerful SBOX computer and 17-inch HD touchscreen display.