Dewesoft Sirius Series Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ)

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The Dewesoft Sirius Data Acquisition System (DAQ) is a series of measurement devices that collect data with excellent precision and offer incredible versatility in data collection. The Sirius Series DAQ offers a variety of analog channel configurations, ranging from 1 to 16 in some models, and analog amplifiers available for a connection to nearly any sensor. All Sirius data acquisition systems remain user-friendly thanks to smart sensors for plug-and-play use and cutting-edge TEDS sensor support that removes any difficult setups.

The Dewesoft Sirius Series DAQs also come ready with DualCoreADC technology to prevent a common issue in data acquisition: input overload. The DualCoreADC has no issues with input signals, noise, or frequencies that are out of range, measuring both the high and low gains of the signal to ensure accuracy. High voltage potentials also offer little issue due to high galvanic isolation that collects data on vibrations and temperatures without any effect from a high voltage potential.

All Sirius Data Acquisition System Series devices are made for use in tough environments and to handle incredibly large channel counts. Up to 7 Sirius slices from one USB hub allows for the DAQs to be daisy-chained together for a much larger channel count system. The Sirius fanless units also come IP50 rated from protection from dust, while the waterproof systems are IP67 rated for greater environmental protection.