Dewetron DEWE2-A4 Modular Data Acquisition System

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Rent Dewetron DEWE2-A4 Modular Data Acquisition System
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Dewetron DEWE2-A4
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DEWE2-A4 Datasheet
The Dewetron DEWE2-A4 Modular Data Acquisition System includes a powerful i7 computer, brilliant display and keyboard, touch pad.

Most convenient for all mobile applications like inspecting facilities, rotating machines, test stands, power generators, electrical machines, buildings, vehicles, aircrafts, trains, and anything else.
Dewetron DEWE2-A4 Features
  • Four slots for TRION modules
  • Isolated wide range DC power supply in portable models
  • Optional internal buffer battery (10 minutes)
  • Optional stackable battery pack
  • Reliable data storage to removable solid state HDD (SSD)
  • Powerful Intel i7 processor
  • User exchangeable TRION modules
  • Binary / counter / timer modules
  • Bus interface modules
  • Analog signal conditioning modules
  • Models with or without display
  • High speed rugged PC
  • Wide range of interfaces for data exchange, Ethernet, WLAN, USB flash drives
  • interfaces for bus-based sensors; e.g., video camera, GPS receiver, RS-232 or USB or Ethernet devices