Dranetz 3105 Precision Power/Harmonic Analyzer

Dranetz 3105 Precision Power/Harmonic Analyzer
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Dranetz 3105
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The Dranetz 3105 is a highly portable instrument, specifically designed to simplify accurate power signal analysis in the laboratory or in the field. It performs 25 different measurements including the analysis of harmonic content up to the 50th harmonic. All measurements and calculations are available in less than one second so that decisions can be made and remedial actions evaluated on the spot.
Dranetz 3105 Features
  • Instant calculation of harmonic distortion of plus amplitude, percent and phase of each harmonic
  • Calculation of power in Watts, VA or VAR and power factor, as well as network impedance
  • Fast on-the-spot printed records with date and time recorded
  • Unattended logging of any or all parameters at up to 15 preset times or at preset intervals with results recorded on a tape cassette
  • Fast analysis up to the 50th harmonic of all parameters from one run of data
  • Digital precision for reliable, repeatable readings, even with ambient temperature variations
Dranetz 3105 Applications
  • Power system harmonic analysis
  • Power network impedance calculations
  • Evaluating harmonics generated by power equipment, power supplies, and converters
  • Detecting very low level harmonic disturbances that might affect communication systems, computers or other sensitive electronic equipment
  • Magnetic materials testing
  • Calibration and test of Wattmeters and other power instruments which are affected by harmonics
  • Rotating machine health diagnostics through the analysis of vibrational harmonics