California Instruments CSW5550 Programmable AC/DC Power Source, 5550VA

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The California Instruments CSW5550 equipped with MIL-STD-704 option represents a new generation of AC/DC power sources that address the increasing demands on test equipment to perform additional functions at a lower cost. By combining a flexible AC/DC power source with a high performance power analyzer, the Compact CSW Series is capable of handling complex applications that have traditionally required multiple systems.

The sleek integrated approach of the California Instruments CSW avoids cable clutter that is commonly found in test systems. All connections are made internally and the need for digital multimeters, power harmonics analyzers, and current shunts or clamps is eliminated.Since many components in the CSW5550 are shared between the AC/DC source and the power analyzer, the total cost of the integrated system is less than the typical cost of a multiple unit system.
-160 RTCA/DO-160D, Change 2, EuroCAE-14D and Airbus test firmware
-704F MIL-STD-704A-F tests
-ABD Airbus Directive 0100.1.8 tests
-AMD Airbus AMD24 tests
-A350 Airbus A350 tests
-B787 Boeing 787B3-0147 tests
-AIRB Airbus ABD0100.1.8, AMD 24 and A350 combination test software suite
-LAN LXI Ethernet LAN Interface (Rj45 Connector)
-LKM Clock/Lock Master
-LKS Clock/Lock Auxiliary
-413 IEC61000-4-13 Harmonics and Interharmonics test firmware and hardware
-411 IEC61000-4-11 test firmware. See also EOS1/3
-WHM Watt-Hour Measurement option
-MB Multi-Box. Adds controller to auxiliary chassis of multi-chassis systems
-SW SCPI Command Firmware (Simulates the Elgar SW Series) Not all commands are supported
-400 342-457 Volt Line to Line AC input
-LF Limits output frequency to 500 Hz
-RMS Rackmount Slides. Recommended for rack mount applications
C Prefix Cabinet System. Installed and pre-wired in 19” cabinet