Advanced Analyzers AA-HFA-3-75-Z-REF-Z-TEST Harmonics and Flicker Analyzer

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The Advanced Analyzers AA-HFA-3-75-Z-REF-Z-TEST is a powerful harmonics and flicker analyzer that delivers precise and user-friendly test reports. The AA-HFA-3-75-Z-REF-Z-TEST analyzer excels with 16 bit USB-based data acquisition, producing clear test results on Windows-7, 8, and 10 platforms. The harmonics and flicker analyzer system also meets various key test standards, including IEC 61000-3-11, IEC 61000-3-12IEC 61000-4-7, and IEC 61000-4-15.

The Advanced Analyzers AA-HFA-3-75-Z-REF-Z-TEST Harmonics and Flicker Analyzer offers a frequency range of 45 to 65 Hz and a wide voltage input range from 0 to 350 V-rms. The Advanced Analyzers test system also has a current input range of 0 - 36 A-rms and maintains excellent precision with all test results. Both the voltage measurement accuracy and current measurement accuracy are within 0.1% while offering that wide testing range.