Newtons4th IMP753 Impedance Network

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Newtons4th Ltd IMP753
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The N4L IMP753 Impedance Network offers IEC61000-3-3, and IEC61000-3-11 compliant Flicker measurements when combined with a PPA55x1 power analyzer and a compliant AC source. Available in both Single and 3 Phase variants, the IMP range from N4L can be configured to meet your specific needs.

N4L IMP753 Specifications:

Current rating: 75Arms
Phase Conductors (L1, L2, L3): R: 240mΩ
X: 150mΩ @ 50Hz X: 180mΩ @ 60Hz
Neutral Conductor: R: 160mΩ
X: 100mΩ @ 50Hz X: 120mΩ @ 60Hz
Phase to Neutral Impedance: R: 400mΩ
X: 250mΩ @ 50Hz X: 300mΩ @ 60Hz
Cooling: Air Cooled
Dimensions: W 450mm x D 500mm
Height: 8u
Maximum Voltage rating: 250VAC Single Phase/430V Three Phase