Dranetz 8000-2 Energy Analyzer

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Dranetz 8000-2 Energy Analyzer
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Dranetz 8000-2
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The Dranetz 8000-2 Energy Analyzer provides the data you need to maintain operational efficiency of the varying components that make up an electrical system.
Dranetz 8000-2 Features
  • Motor Inrush Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Removable Memory Cards
  • Rated Schedule Analysis
  • PC Analysis Software
Dranetz 8000-2 Specs
Parameters Voltage
Channels: Three voltage channels with common return and one full-differential channel
Range: AC 60 to 600 Volts RMS for channels A, B, C. 0 to 600 volts for channel D
Current Channels: Four current digital channels
Range: 10% to 200% full scale of CT; 2% to 100% full scale for channel D
Digital Channels: Four digital channels
Range: 12 to 48 volts DC
Frequency Range 20 to 450 Hz fundamental
Computed Parameters
Demand Average demand during interval in kW, kVA, kVAR
Energy Cumulative energy used in kWH, kVAH, kVARH
Power Factor True PF and displacement PF
Memory Non-Volatile Memory 512KB standard
Printer High resolution graphics, thermal printer
Display 4.25" X 2.27" Liquid crystal display
Serial Ports One 25-pin RS232D communication port, 300-9600 baud
Relays 4 output relays for external access, rated 120 VAC at 1A, 30VDC at 1 A
Memory Card PCMCIA/JEIDA compatible (Available separately)
Trigger Conditions
(A report can be initialized by)
Limited crossing of any parameter
Specified time (max. of 4 per day)
End of demand interval
Time interval (other than demand interval)
End of billing period
Upon request
Dranetz 8000-2 Accessories
Optional Accessories:

CT-10 Clamp-on CT

Rated 1-10Amps AC
Frequency response 45Hz-3kHz
Jaw Opening 0.47"

CT-150 Clamp-on CT

Rated 0.25-150 Amps AC
Frequency response 45Hz to 3kHz
Jaw Opening 0.47"

CT-300 Clamp-on CT

Rated 10-300 Amps AC
Frequency response 45Hz to 3kHz at stated accuracy
Jaw Opening 2.00"

CT-1000 Clamp-on CT

Rated 50-1000 Amps AC
Frequency response 30Hz to 3kHz at stated accuracy
Jaw Opening 2.17"

CT-3000 Clamp-on CT

Rated 100-3000 Amps AC
Frequency response 48Hz to 3kHz
Jaw Opening 2.56", bus bar 1.97" X 5.31" max