Dranetz HDPQ Guide SP Power Quality Analyzer

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The Dranetz HDPQ Guide SP is a high-definition power quality monitoring instrument with the capacity to test 1000Vrms of AC/DC power and 512 samples per cycle. Dranetz HDPQ Guide SP units feature 8 testing channels, 4 for voltage and 4 for current. Differentiated from the original Guide model by its hardened IP65 enclosure and mitigated display to increase durability, these three-phase quality testing meters are powered by the phase under measure and are equipped with GPS. Instant detection of circuits and configurations is achieved via automated setup, readying the device for data collection in seconds.

Technicians using the Dranetz HDPQ Guide SP choose the length and mode of data collection with features like load balancing, troubleshooting, power quality surveys, data logging and more. Review and analyze data remotely from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer with the built-in VNC interface software and Dran-View 7 software.