Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer 400 Power Quality Analyzer

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The Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer 400 Power Quality Analyzer is a 50/60 and 400Hz portable power analysis device with the ability to capture transients at high speeds. A Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer 400 is ideal for detecting fluctuations in power in applications requiring a higher frequency, such as aviation, naval and military testing. These models also adhere to IEC standards like IEC 61000-4-30 Class A and IEC 61000-4-7. HDPQ Xplorer 400 units capture data at 1 microsecond per channel, and operators can harness their 8-channel design to capture and characterize thousands of parameters at once. The built-in AnswerModule feature gives analysis of sag directivity, capacitor transient identification / directivity along with motor analysis / reports.