Elgar SW5250A-1-3-2 Power Source, 5250 VA

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Rent Elgar SW5250A-1-3-2 Power Source, 5250 VA
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Elgar Power Supplies SW5250A
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SW5250A Datasheet

The SmartWave™ Series (SW) of AC power sources offers powerful waveform creation for ATE and power line disturbance simulation testing. Three separate arbitrary waveform generators enable the SmartWave™ to create independent, complex waveforms on all three phases simultaneously. The SmartWave™ is designed to meet waveform requirements including DC content (up to 312V), low distortion (THD 0.25% to 100 Hz), low noise and ripple, plus full compliance testing to EMC standards.

At only 8-3/4 inches high for the SW5250A, the SmartWave™ delivers the most power in the smallest package. It weighs only 127 pounds, and offers the highest power density in the industry. The SW Series is expandable from 1.75 kVA to 21 kVA. Unlike other AC power sources, the SmartWave™ delivers full rated power to 45°C.
Elgar Power Supplies SW5250A Features
  • Powerful Waveshape and Waveform Creation
  • Sequence Programming
  • AC and/or DC Output
  • Graphic LCD Display
  • Powerful DSP2 Waveform Programming
  • Flexibility in Power Ranges
  • Waveshape Library
Elgar Power Supplies SW5250A Specs
Power Factor of Load 0 lagging to 0 leading
AC or DC Output Voltage 0 to 156 VRMS L-N, range 1; 0 to 312 VRMS L-N, range 2
Output Current Per Phase 13A to 135V in 156V range; 6.5A to 270V in 312V range (per 1750 VA module) Note: Higher currents may be achieved in 10.5-21 kVA systems
Crest Factor 4.0 (peak output current to RMS output current)
Output Frequency Range DC or 40 Hz to 5 kHz. For output frequencies greater than 1 kHz, the max slew rate allowed is 1 kHz per second
Output Power 1750 VA: 1ø, 3500 VA: 1Ø or 2Ø, 5250 VA: 1Ø or 3Ø (systems up to 21,000 VA)
Max Total Harmonic Distortion (Full Linear Load or No Load) 0.25% max, 40 to 100 Hz; 0.5% max to 500 Hz; and 1% max to 1 kHz plus 1%/kHz to 5 kHz
AC Noise Level >60 dB RMS below full output voltage
Amplitude Stability with Remote Sense ±0.1% of full scale over 24 hours at constant line, load and temperature
Load Regulation ±0.025% of full scale voltage for a full resistive load to no load; above 1 kHz, add ±0.01%/kHz
Line Regulation (DC, or 40 Hz to 5 kHz) ±0.025% of full scale for a ±10% input line change
Voltage Accuracy ±0.1% of range. Above 1 kHz, add 0.2%/kHz. Add ±0.1% of full scale for "AC PLUS DC" mode. Valid for 5 to 156 VRMS and 10 to 312 VRMS at 25°C
Voltage Resolution 0.05% of full scale
Frequency Resolution 0.01 Hz: 40 Hz to 99.99 Hz 0.05 Hz: 100 Hz to 999.9 Hz 0.5 Hz: 1000 Hz to 5000 Hz
Frequency Accuracy ±0.01% at 25°C ±0.001%/°C Phase Accuracy, Phase-to-Phase Balanced Linear Resistive Load: ±1°, 40 Hz to 1 kHz, plus ±1°/kHz above 1 kHz
Phase Angle Resolution 0.1°
Remote Output Voltage Sense 5 VRMS total lead drop, max