EXFO FTBx-88400NGE Bit Error Rate Tester

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This product has been discontinued.

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The EXFO FTBx-88400NGE high-speed module is based on IEEE 802.3bs with RS (544,514) FEC capabilities. The EXFO FTBx-88400NGE performs ethernet testing, including 400G Ethernet using a CFP8 port with MAC/IP/UDP and PCS layer support in addition to advanced FlexE with multiple QSFP28 ports for the intra-data center and router-transport applications. This module is also OTUCn and FlexO (Flex OTN)-ready.
The EXFO FTBx-88400NGE is the latest addition to the Power Blazer family of test modules. This BERT comes with a new design concept using Open Transceiver System which allows users to customize the type of interfaces on the module according to their needs. Additionally, this feature also ensures the future-proof capacity to test new transceivers as they become available. This may be done by simply changing the transceiver system in the EXFO FTBx-88400NGE instead of having to purchase a new test unit.