Fluke 2635A Hydra Data Logger 21 Ch

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The Fluke 2635A Hydra Data Acquisition Unit is a 21 channel Data Logger that measures and records the following electrical and physical parameters: dc volts, ac volts, resistance, frequency, and temperature.

Temperature measurements are via thermocouples or resistance-temperature detectors (RTDs). Other parameters can be measured with an appropriate transducer, such as air pressure/vacuum (using a Fluke PV350 transducer module) or DC current (using a Fluke 2600A-101 shunt resistor). When the 2635A scans channels configured for measurement, readings can be displayed, printed out, and recorded.

Virtually any analog input may be applied without external signal conditioning. The inputs for channels 1 through 20 are via a Universal Input Module, which plugs into the rear of the unit for a quick connect/disconnect capability. Channel 0 measurements are via the front panel input jacks using test leads.