Fluke 5720A Multi-Function Electrical Calibrator

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The Fluke Model 5720A Series II calibrator is a precise instrument that calibrate a wide variety of electrical measuring instruments. This calibrator maintains high accuracy over a wide ambient temperature range, allowing it to test instruments in any environment, eliminating the restrictions to calibrate only in a temperature-controlled standards laboratory. With a 5700A/5720A Series II, you can calibrate precision multimeters that measure ac or dc voltage, ac or dc current, and resistance. The 5720A Series II operates in a similar manner to the 5700A Series II, the difference is that the 5720A Series II has a considerably higher specified accuracy. Option 5700A-03 Wideband AC Voltage, which is available for both the 5700A Series II and the 5720A Series II, extends this workload to include rf voltmeters.