Fluke 5720A Multi-Function Electrical Calibrator

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The Fluke 5720A Multi-Function Electrical Calibrator is a powerful measurement device that promises precise calibrations on a wide variety of electrical measuring instruments. The Fluke 5720A calibrator maintains high accuracy over a wide ambient temperature range, allowing it to test instruments in any environment, eliminating the restrictions to calibrate only in a temperature-controlled standards laboratory. With a Fluke 5720A, users can calibrate precision multimeters that measure AC or DC voltage, AC or DC current, and resistance.

The 5720A multi-function calibrator operates similarly to the 5700A model, although this upgraded option promises a much higher specified accuracy. This upgraded calibrator reaches a maximum of 1100 V for both DC and AC measurements. The device similarly delivers excellent range when testing for current, precisely handling 11 A of both AC and DC current.

Even when using the upgraded features of the Fluke 5720A, the device delivers readouts and results with a user-friendly design. A modular exterior allows for easy use by technicians of all skill levels. A clear display and versatile function keys complement a digital interface built to produce clear results. The calibrator's rugged design and extensive condition testing helped Fluke improve its durability. The Fluke 5720A is built for continuous tests over long stretches without losing speed or accuracy.