Fluke RPM 1650 Power Recorder

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Fluke 1650 Power Recorder Reliable Power Meter
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Fluke 1650
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Full Disclosure Technology is part of all Fluke and RPM three-phase power quality tools. It makes the power recorder a unique, professional instrument that increases your ability to maintain and troubleshoot your plant's power quality. Full Disclosure Technology uses patented sampling hardware and algorithms to record everything your loads see.
Fluke 1650 Features
  • The sampling system processes every cycle on all channels, recording min/max/avg values and looking for sags, swells, or transients.
  • The system can store 6000 events (up to 96,000 withMultisession Option). You can see everything from sub-cycle events to long-term outages with clear detail.
  • Records power parameters, RMS voltage, RMS current, harmonics, flicker and monitors for power quality events on all channels simultaneously without havingto reconfigure.
  • No need to set thresholds. You wont be disappointed by missed events or a memory full of noise.
  • Because there are no thresholds to set, Full Disclosure technology system records any changes in measurements, even the ones that are almost out of tolerance.