Fluke RPM 1650 Power Recorder

Fluke 1650 Power Recorder Reliable Power Meter
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Full Disclosure Technology is part of all Fluke and RPMthree-phase power quality tools. It makes the powerrecorder a unique, professional instrument that increasesyour ability to maintain and troubleshoot your plantspower quality.Full Disclosure Technology uses patented samplinghardware and algorithms to record everything yourloads see.


  • The sampling system processes every cycle on allchannels, recording min/max/avg values and lookingfor sags, swells, or transients.
  • The system can store 6000 events (up to 96,000 withMultisession Option). You can see everything from sub-cycleevents to long-term outages with clear detail.
  • Records power parameters, RMS voltage, RMS current,harmonics, flicker and monitors for power qualityevents on all channels simultaneously without havingto reconfigure.
  • No need to set thresholds. You wont be disappointedby missed events or a memory full of noise.
  • Because there are no thresholds to set, Full Disclosuretechnology system records any changes in measurements,even the ones that are almost out of tolerance.