Fluke 2240C Data Analyzer 100 Ch Multi Function

Fluke 2240C Data Analyzers
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Fluke 2240C
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Data is displayed on the front LED panel, and can be written to the built-in printer or to an external device.
Available Options
2200A-05 General Purpose Scanner
2200A-06 Low Level Scanner
2200A-07 Solder Pin Connector
2200A-08 Isothermal Block Connector
Fluke 2240C Features
  • Capacity: six slots for input options
  • Extender Chassis as needed for scanning more than 60 channels
  • Remote control via IEEE-488 or RS-232-C (optional)
  • Maximum Analog Inputs: ≤ 1000 per system
  • DC Voltage Ranges: 40mV, 400mV, 4V, 40V
  • Input Options: Thermocouples & Low DC Voltage