Fluke 2289A Helios Series Data Logging System

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Fluke 2289A Helios Series Data Logging System
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Fluke 2289A
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Data Aquisition Front-End
  • High Performance A/D Converter Option (-161): one per 2289A required for any analog measurement inputs
  • Ranges: ±64 mV, ±512 mV, ±8V, and ±64V dc
  • Input Options:
For These Inputs Use Connector Option With Scanner Option Maximum Inputs Per Scanner
Thermocouples -175 -162 20
DC Voltage -176 or 175 -162 20

* ACV/DCV Input Connector
* RTD/ohms Scanner/Excitation
* RTD/ohms/Strain Scanner/Excitation
* Counter/Totalizer
* Digital Status Input/Output

Other 2280 Series Options available upon request
Fluke 2289A Features
  • Maximum Inputs & Outputs: ≤1500 points per system
  • Scanning Speed:
    * Up to 16 channels per second with 1 A/D option
    * Up to 30 channels per second with 2 A/D options
  • Interface:
    * RS-232C or RS-422
    * Baud rate: 110,300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600,19200
    * Multi-Drop Capability via RS-422 - up to 10 Helios Mainframes


Helios Mainframe
  • I/O Capacity: six slots for input and output options. One of the six slots must contain an A-to D converter option when one or more analog input options are used
Extender Chassis
  • Capacity: same plug-in options as 2289A