Fluke 2625A Hydra Series Data Bucket 21 Ch

Fluke 2625A Hydra Series Data Bucket
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Fluke 2625A
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21 Ch Logging Data Scanner (Wireless Available)
Fluke 2625A Features
  • 21 analog input channels
  • Measures Vdc, Vac, thermocouples, RTDs, resistance, and frequency
  • Standard RS-232C interface
  • Easy set up through front panel or remotely via PC
  • Application software for PC included: Hydra Starter Package
  • AC or DC operation enables Hydra to work where line power is not available

The Fluke 2635A Data Bucket has additional features.

Fluke 2625A Specs
  • Channel Capacity: Analog Inputs: 21; Digital I/O & Alarm Outputs: 12 total; Totalizer: 1
  • DC Voltage Range: 300mV - 300/150V
    DC Voltage Resolution: 10µV - 100mV
    Resistance: 300 ohms to 10 M ohms
    Resistance Resolution: 10 M ohms to K ohms
    AC Voltage (True rms, ac coupled): 300mV to 300/150V; 10µV to 100 mV
  • Thermocouples: Type J, K, N, E, T, R, S, B, C
  • 2625A Data Storage: stores 2047 scans
  • 2635A Data Storage (in scans): 2047
    Card Size 4 ch 10 ch 20 ch
    256k 8900 4800 2700
    1M 36500 19800 11200
  • RTD (Pt 100)
    Resolution Slow: 0.02°C (temp)
    Resolution Fast: 0.1°C (temp)
  • Frequency
    Range: 15 Hz - 1MHz
    Resolution: 0.01Hz - 1KHz
Fluke 2625A Accessories
Optional Accessories:
  • Wireless Kits to connect multiple data loggers in remote sites to a single PC to record the data.
  • Memory Card Drive: attaches to PC's parallel port and allows transfer of data from memory card directly to the PC.